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    Industriepumpen + Kompressoren

    Best price-performance ratio for air applications

    Autor: Andreas Horinek
    Special 1  2015 
    3 Seiten

    Compressed air plays a major role in a wide variety of applications and forms an integral part of our everyday life. We come in contact almost daily with products that would not exist without compressed air. The most common example is arguably the widely known polyethylene tereph-thalate bottle better known as PET-bottle. The practical and lightweight design of this plastic bottle has become the undisputed leader in beverage bottling thanks to compressed air technol-ogy. But bus and rail operators also value compressed air for reliably and safely stopping the heavy vehicles. Finally, while on vacation or during travel, compressed air ensures that large marine diesel engines of cruise ships can be started or that we have air to breathe during diving adventures. These examples impressively demonstrate the significance that compressed air applications have in our modern society. The list of applications for compressed air is endless.