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Valve control heads for consistent cheese quality

Autor: Marc Klingler
Special 1  2014 
1 Seiten

At its Cléry-le-Petit site in the Meuse (France), Fromagerie Bel wanted to add an extra protein constituent to the milk collected locally in order to guarantee consistent quality of the cheese produced. A new system was constructed in which flow management is handled by 180 fieldbus controlled hygienic process valves. Bürkert supplied 180 control heads to be fitted to the valves. Providing optimal reliability and safety, the series 8681 control head is particularly suited to hygienic environments as it offers hygienic design, IP 65/67 protection rating and good resistance to chemical cleaning products. In addition, Bürkert’s patented magnetic activation system provides easy and safe access to the control head for preventive maintenance.