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    gwf - Wasser|Abwasser

    gwf - Wasser|Abwasser - Special 1 2012

    Special 1 


    140 Seiten

    Schlüsselwörter: Sonderausgabe gwf Wasser, Special, gwf international, Water Scarcity, Information Management, Integrated Water Resources Management, Flood Control, Rainfall Pattern, Stormwater Management, Sanitation Infrastructure, Wastewater Infrastructure

    Scientific articles:


    Bambang Hargono, Junun Sartohadi, Pramono Hadi, Bakti Setiawan and Franz Nestmann
    Anticipating Water Scarcity of Yogyakarta, Indonesia Groundwater Resources


    Stefanie Kralisch, Franka Steiner, Leif Wolf and Oscar Escolero
    Risks and Potentials Related to Shallow Urban Aquifers Groundwater Resources


    Andrea Richts and Wilhelm Struckmeier
    WHYMAP – The New Global Map of River and Groundwater Basins


    Philipp Klingel, Marion Vogel and Franz Nestmann
    Management of Water Distribution Network Data – Approach and Application in an Algerian City


    Thomas Usländer and Robert Atkinson
    An Architecture for Referencing Hydrologic Concepts in Distributed Systems


    Helmut Lehn, Melanie Oertel and Katharina Stork
    Bathing Waters in Cities – The Vision of Joining Social Wants of Today with Ecological Needs of Tomorrow


    Manfred Schütze
    Water and Wastewater Management in Megacities


    Rosielle Souza Pegado, Aline Maria Meiguins Lima, Claudio José Calvacante Blanco, Jackson Roehrig, Carla Caroça, Francisco Silva Costa and Walenda Silva Tostes
    Urban Vulnerability in Lowland Areas


    Cilcia Kusumastuti and Sutat Weesakul
    Urbanization and Rainfall Pattern Change in Bangkok Metropolitan Administration


    Dennis Corbett
    The Contribution of Integrated Water Management to Achieving Environmental Protection and Sustainability Outcomes in the New Urban Areas of Melbourne, Australia


    Axel Waldhoff, Juliane Ziegler, Gerrit Bischoff and Sabine Rabe
    Multifunctional Spaces for Flood Management – an Approach for the City of Hamburg, Germany


    Jutta Deffner, Thomas Kluge and Katharina Müller
    Pressure of Urbanisation and a Sustainable Sanitation Infrastructure: Experiences with a Research-Driven Planning Method in Northern Namibia


    Thomas Hillenbrand and Harald Hiessl
    Overview of Material and Energy Flows in German Wastewater Infrastructures


    Heidrun Tippe
    Energy Efficiency Pays off


    Jochen Fritz, Wolfgang Rösler, Steffen Schmidt, Daniel Stoffel, Peter Oberle and Franz Nestmann
    Using Pumps as Turbines Combined with Pumps for Water Supply in an Efficient Way without the Need of Electrical Power