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    gwf - Wasser|Abwasser

    gwf - Wasser|Abwasser - Special 1 2011

    Special 1 


    136 Seiten

    Schlüsselwörter: Sonderausgabe gwf Wasser, Spezialausgabe, Special, gwf international, Drinking Water Treatment, Water for the Industry, Filter Materials, Membrane Systems, Reverse Osmosis Systems, Water Treatment, Wastewater Management

    Scientific articles:


    R. Lipp, T. Gronki, J. Lueke, A. Lanfervoss and G. Baldauf
    Sulphate Removal from Ground Water – a Case Study


    J. Zacharias and D. Scheu
    Hygienic Membrane Process Design for Applications in the Beverage Industry as a Necessity for Cold-aseptic Beverage Production


    A. N. Lambert
    Modernisation and Enlargement of the Drinking Water Plant Irsch-Treves


    J. Cromphout, J. Coemelck, W. Closset and L. Verdickt
    Design and Operation of an Ultrafiltration Plant for the Production of Drinking Water out of the River Scheldt


    S. Tews, R. Minke and H. Steinmetz
    Membrane Filtration of Wastewater Split Flows originating from Paper Industry and Biological Wastewater Treatment of the generated Membrane Concentrates


    B. Simstich, H. Cucuk and S. Bierbaum
    Challenge of High Water Hardness and Elevated Temperature: MBR Pilot Trials in the Paper Industry under Mesophilic and Thermophilic Conditions


    M. Lousada-Ferreira, J. B. van Lier and J. H. J. M. van der Graaf
    Filterability and Floc Size in Membrane Bioreactors: European Scale Assessment


    L.F. Bezerra and T. Matsumoto
    Evaluation of Carbonaceous Organic Matter and Nitrogen Removal of Wastewater in Membrane Bioreactor


    T. Trinh, B. van den Akker, H. Coleman, R. Stuetz, P. Le-Clech and St.J. Khan
    Fate of Pharmaceuticals during Wastewater Treatment by a Membrane Bioreactor


    T. R. Bentzen, N. Ratkovich, M. R. Rasmussen, N. Heinen and F. Hansen
    Energy Efficient Aeration in a Single Low Pressure Hollow Sheet Membrane Filtration Module


    M. Wett and E. Back
    Tertiary Filtration with Ultrafiltration Membranes in Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants


    P. Steinberger
    Mine Water Treatment by Membrane Filtration Processes – Upscale Experiments


    H. N. Jang, D. S. Lee, E. S. Jang, C. H. Kim, S. O. Ko and S. H. Kim
    Comparison of the Pretreatment Efficiency between UF and Sand Filtration of a Desalination Process using a Reverse Osmosis Membrane