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    atp edition

    Big data analytics for proactive industrial decision support

    Approaches and first experiences in the FEE Project

    Autor: Martin Atzmueller/University Of Kassel / Benjamin Klöpper/Abb Corporate Research Center Germany / Hassan Al Mawla/Abb Corporate Research Center Germany / Benjamin Jäschke/University Of Kassel / Martin Hollender/Abb Corporate Research Center Germany / Mark
    Ausgabe 09  2016 
    13 Seiten
    Schlüsselwörter: Automatisierungstechnik

    Big data technologies offer new opportunities for analyzing historical data generated by process plants. The development of new types of operator support systems (OSS) which help the plant operators during operations and in dealing with critical situations is one of these possibilities. The project FEE has the objective to develop such support functions based on big data analytics of historical plant data. In this contribution, we share our first insights and lessons learned in the development of big data applications and outline the approaches and tools that we developed in the course of the project.