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    eb - Elektrische Bahnen

    Direct current – A future under which conditions?

    Autor: Dominique Laousse / Cedric Brogard / Hervé Caron / Christian Courtois

    Ausgabe 05 


    16 Seiten

    Nowadays, railway power supply systems use either direct or alternative current to provide trains with traction energy. Both systems families have their advantages and drawbacks. However, the future seems to be quite narrow for the existing DC 1500 V and 3000 V system in heavy railways. SNCF organized an innovative design workshop on the possibilities of future evolutions of direct current systems. The goal was to define an exploration strategy based on the opened questions. Do the direct current systems have a future in heavy railways power supply? The disadvantages of existing DC traction power supply systems are due to the low voltage and not to DC itself. Future industrial improvements of equipment could give to DC a new future that could enhance dramatically electric railway systems. Any work on research and development on the DC subject will anyway help to improve the power supply systems of numerous networks in the world electrified in DC systems.